A 5-Part Review Of The Sun Joe SWJ806E Electric Pole Chain Saw

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Pole Saw Review And Buying Guide

At times, when you are purchasing tools, you might wish that you could find an all-in-one tool that could solve all of the problems that you have. That is the reason why the Swiss Army knife is so popular all over the world. Unfortunately, those kinds of products can't always be used in all kinds of jobs. In terms of landscaping, many tools are available that have an interchangeable head that they try to market as an all-in-one tool; but, usually, they are products that don't work correctly and are of poor quality.

In terms of the chain saw, there are some notable exceptions to this rule. You know about chain saws, even if you don't do a lot of outdoor work or landscaping. Whether it is from gore movies or cartons, everybody knows about these high-powered cutting machines. That probably puts manufacturers under more pressure to make products that are able to imitate the performance that is played in films.

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1The Product Overview

The Sun Joe people didn't sacrifice performance to gain maneuverability. By the way, Sun Joe is Snow Joe's brother company. The company originally made snowplows. They are very familiar with developing machines that are able to perform in harsh environments.

If they were able to make an electric snowplow that works in subzero temperatures, then most likely, they won't have any problems with their high-performance, lightweight tools working any day of the week. The Sun Joe SWJ806E Electric Pole Chain Saw may be detached easily and transformed into a regular chain saw. They both run entirely on electricity and come with easy assembly features that can be swapped out.

 uses of pole saw

22-In-1 Features

Using this chain saw and pole saw combination offers several benefits. You can switch modes between pole saw or chain saw quite easily. A power tool with an 8-amp motor can cut branches that are up to 7.5 inches in thickness and comes with a telescopic pole which extends up to 8.6 feet. There is an 8-inch Oregon cutting bar that comes with automatic lubrication as well.

When the Sun Joe SWJ806E Electric Pole Chain Saw is being used, you will be able to find the distance between yourself and your target that is the most comfortable. For safety reasons, that is very important so that you don't risk things falling on top of you and end up improperly cutting. Another tremendous safety benefit is that it comes with a built-in safety switch so that you can feel confident that your children won't be able to start the machine by accident. Of course, another major plus is its automatic starting and stopping system and its versatility of allowing you to use it as either a regular chain saw or pole chain saw.

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3Uses And Benefits

The primary feature of the pole isn't its pole length or power, but instead, it's the dual purpose. It is an excellent feature because it allows the ease of directly sawing the log or branch. The significant concern for individuals when trying out a pole saw for the first time is losing accuracy and touch in precise cuts that are provided by a regular chain saw.

Another major feature included is its automatic oiling system, which comes with many of these kinds of products. Since it is an entirely electrical tool, many of the problems that people used to have with gasoline-powered machines are taken away. You won't have to go purchase gas, replace spark plugs, have the tank clog up, or dump gas that you just purchased.

It comes with an 8-inch chain and bar, so it isn't like many other electric tools that, at times, resemble razor blades more than they do chain saws. The chain is oiled automatically, so you don't need to worry about its care too much. Even if it wears out, it is easy to find replacements online for it. The Sun Joe SWJ806E is a chain saw that has an extension, and many people think all poles saws need to be that way.

sun joe electric pole saw

4Advice On Buying

This Sun Joe SWJ806E is an excellent tool that, within its limits, does work great. It isn't a heavy-duty tool, so it will probably cost you more if you need something that has more power. The knock, if anything, is you can't do your repairs if anything goes wrong. However, that is common among electrical tools, and most old-school individuals are more accustomed to gas-powered tools. If you have any issues with caring for the tool, that will be useful for you.

For detailed explanations on all of the features of the Sun Joe SWJ806E and more information, visit Amazon. You will be able to check the updated price at Amazon as well. You will be able to ask questions to the seller directly and find more reviews to clear up any doubts you might have so you can start sawing.

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5The Final Verdict

Many of the reviews of the Sun Joe SWJ806E mainly praised this tool and stated that it came as advertised. For home use, it is ideal for cutting down regular suburban branches and trees that you will need to take on. During slightly heavy-duty jobs, it did suffer a bit. Chances are, if you are searching for something like this, then you don't need to do heavy-duty jobs. If you stick with the limits that the company states it can manage, then you will do fine.

Conversion from pole saw into a chain saw was another feature that was widely praised; with just a push of a button, you can make the switch. You don't need any extra tools. One major concern people had was its oil feature since it comes with just a sample of oil in the system. Make sure to check its oil level before starting to use it. If you know that you won't be able to wait, then purchase some extra oil for your tool before the product is even delivered to you.

There were some complaints about the way they had to handle it when it was fully extended. It isn't easy handling anything that is eight feet long if you don't have any prior experience with it. Make sure that you know what your limits are.

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