A 4-Part Walk-Through On The Maxtra Gas Pole Saw

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Maxtra Gas Pole Saw Buying Guide

Do you see people around you every day that walk with their heads held high and a spring in their step? They seem to draw all eyes to them, and what's more, they know it. The way they walk, the way they hold themselves, everything about them says, "I'm in charge." Some people and some things have that quality in them, that "it" factor that pours off of them every second of every day.

Not all things are created equal, and it can feel great to find something that's high-quality and dependable. When you buy a new car, and it fits you perfectly, just as a random example, it feels incredible. When it goes from zero to sixty, you can feel the engine hum, and the wheel responds the way you want it to respond. When you have the perfect tool for any situation, you feel ready to take on the world. Most importantly, when your tool is dependable, then it doesn't take long to finish the job and crack open a cold drink.

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1The Product Overview

The Maxtra Gas Pole Saw did an amazing job with thick branches, slicing through some of the larger ones, like a hot knife through butter. While many products can only handle branches around five inches thick, this one manages double that number - a full ten inches thick! The engine has two cycles and is air-cooled, which is strong enough to power a multitude of different pole attachments. It also gives you ten inches of cutting length, giving you plenty of room to measure your cut and keep it angled smoothly. While you have some options when you're looking for a new pole saw, the Maxtra is perhaps the most powerful in its price range.

People often wonder whether they should get an electric chain saw, but if you're the type to enjoy gas chain saws, then the Maxtra Gas Pole Saw is one that gives you a lot of work for the fuel. If you have a large area or a large number of branches and logs, then you're going to want a gas-powered chain saw because an electrical chain saw won't cut it. Electric chain saws are for quick jobs, such as cutting through a few logs for a campfire or getting rid of young trees. Gas-powered chain saws run much stronger, so they can work harder and longer, not to mention being able to do so without needing to be plugged in!

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2Product Features And Uses

While there are several minor complaints, one of the most negative comments agreed upon was the product's manual. The tool functions fine for those who can get it started, which seem to be users who have worked with chain saws quite a bit in their lives. Unfortunately, some people couldn't figure out how to start the machine, which means that it's a useless tool for them.

If you've never used chain saws before, then save yourself the trouble and ignore the high-dollar gas-powered options. Powerful gas-powered chain saws are even a safety hazard when stored since they have to be emptied of gasoline, and the saw has to be covered if you want to ensure that no one cuts themselves and no fire starts. A product manual should be clear and precise, and any safety warnings should be easy to understand. The plastic parts are also a bit brittle, so take care when you attach extensions and adjust the length; otherwise, you'll find yourself needing to buy new poles.

The saw has a base height of 8.2 feet and can be adjusted to 11.4 feet, which means that it can get to most tree branches a person might need to reach without requiring a cherry picker. The cutting blade is ten inches long, giving you plenty of areas to secure your cut. The 1100-W, 42.7-cc engine has a two-position choke for the cold or hot start. It comes standard with a 1-year warranty, so you don't need to worry about whether or not it will remain dependable.

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3Is This A Good Unit?

If you're looking for a good price to performance ratio, this is your best option. It's not the cheapest, but for the performance, it offers a reasonable price. The Maxtra has the performance level of saws in a much higher price range. Unfortunately, you'll need to have some experience with chain saws since the instruction manual isn't clear.

If you have a large plot of land or some trees to cut, then this is the perfect saw. If you're clearing a few small trees or the occasional firewood, save yourself some money and buy something cheaper. This gas-powered saw is ideal for large trees, large plots of land, and heavy-duty work. It has better handling features, such as a shoulder strap and an anti-slip handle. These features let you maintain control even when you're tired.

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4The Final Verdict

If you'd like to see the Maxtra Gas Pole Saw in action, it takes one YouTube search to fulfill your desires. You'll find some amazing videos showcasing its performance, and if you adjust your search terms, you'll find a dozen and a half more. You can also check out Amazon for reviews and get a sense of what some of the other customers have to say.

The Maxtra may not be for beginners, but it's a great saw if you know what you're doing. You won't find better performance for the price anywhere else. So if that's what you're looking for, then this is the saw that you should buy.

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