A 4-Part Guide To The 2-In-1 Earthwise CVPS41008 Pole Saw

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Earthwise 2-In-1 Pole Saw Buying Guide

Trees and grass in the backyard provide fantastic scenery around the house. The trees and shrubs, however, need to be cared for properly, pruned, and groomed to preserve a good look. If you aren't ready to hire a stranger to take care of your trees and the lawn, you can then get a chain saw, leaf blower, or even a lawnmower and get working. However, it isn’t an easy or straightforward adventure – be ready to get dirty and tired at the end of it all.

All the tools mentioned above are gasoline-powered. It means that you have to buy some gas each time you need to use them. While they may not require gas, running these tools can put a strain on your pockets in the long run. Gas-powered gardening tools are also loud and produce smoke and a terrible smell, with the stench clinging on your garments for many days after operating the tools.

1The Product Overview

The Earthwise CVPS41008 2-In-1 Pole Saw is available online and with plenty of decent reviews. This decent 6-inch pole saw comes at $66.50, an affordable price compared to similar saws that sell at approximately $150. The chain saw, however, is not oiled, which means that you need to oil it before powering it up. You can either use oil or other types of lubricants that can be used for the same purpose. You could also go for "green" lubricants to use with the chain saw as well.

This particular pole saw comes with an instant starter, an 8-feet extension, an 8-inch Oregon bar and chain, and an automatic oiling system. The pole saw also has an adjustable telescoping fiberglass pole that can extend up to nine feet but is also very lightweight. The saw can be adjusted to either eight inches or nine inches, depending on the task at hand.

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2Other Outstanding Features

The Earthwise CVPS41008 2-In-1 Pole Saw runs on electricity. Hence, there's no need to refill with gasoline. The pole saw can also be used to cut through six-inch thick trees with ease and is energy efficient.

It also comes with an adjustable head that can be adjusted to cut from virtually any angle. You, therefore, won't break a sweat when working on hard-to-reach spots on trees. The pole can be adjusted to reach up to ten feet in the air. This reduces the need to climb on risky tree branches.

3What Other Reviewers Say

The Earthwise CVP1008 2-In-1 Pole Saw is relatively easy to start and use. Unlike gas-powered chain saws, this one comes with an automatic start button. You, therefore, never have to pull the cord to get the engine running.

The pole saw also eliminates the need to clean spark plugs after storing the saw for too long. The Earthwise CVPS41008 is equipped with a 7-amp, 120/60-Hz motor that powers both the 8- and 10-inch versions. Even with the automatic start, the Earthwise CVPS41008 pole saw is considerably much lighter than gasoline-powered ones. This also means that you can work with the pole saw for a lot longer without getting too tired.

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4Advice On How To Buy

Do not let the affordability of the Earthwise CVPS41008 fool you; this is the right tool for the job. While it may not be the perfect one for heavy-duty jobs, the Earthwise CVPS41008 is a handy tool for local jobs. The adjustable head makes it quite helpful when pruning or cutting down trees or branches in hard-to-reach spots. The fact that the head bends to various angles means that you don't have to take uncomfortable positions to trim a branch. Some people even use this tool as a handheld saw, and yet, they achieve the same results.

With impressive ratings on Amazon.com, the Earthwise CVPS41008 might be just the tool you need. You can order yours at $90 and have it shipped to your doorstep free of charge. The plentiful options available for the Earthwise pole saw makes it the right pick for the DIY gardener. With many people having rated it positively or highly, you cannot go wrong with this tool.

  •  how to choose a pole saw
  •  pole saw uses
  •  how to choose a pole saw
  •  pole saw uses