A 4-Part Review Of The Oregon 40V Max PS250-A6 Cordless Pole Saw

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Oregon Cordless Max PS250-A6 Pole Saw

No emissions, no warm-ups, no pull cords - this is what the world today needs from the tools used for all possible jobs. However, it isn't always easy to find those kinds of vehicles or tools that are affordable or have decent performance and output levels. If everybody could afford to drive Tesla cars, then maybe we wouldn't have gas-powered cars out on the roads any longer.

In terms of landscaping tools, gas-powered or manual tools were commonly used around houses at least up until just a couple of years ago. When they first started introducing electrical tools, they were not reliable enough for either heavy-duty jobs or professional users. Also, many of them still need a cord plugged into a socket to power them. Unfortunately, until quite recently, electrical tools appeared to be still lagging a couple of steps behind.

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1The Product Features

The Oregon 40V Max PS250-A6 Cordless Pole Saw gives the feel and look of the professional pole saw, along with all of the benefits that are offered by environmentally-friendly products. A maximum of 500 cuts can be done on one full battery charge. This means that you will be able to move quickly from one branch to the next without needing to refuel or adjust anything and lose time or have to purchase spark plugs. It also has an 8-inch bar and branch removal hook that's made of cast aluminum to improve your cutting agility and increase the cutting area's line of sight.

Another key feature offered is its ability to maintain nearly the same weight when it is extended so that you can reach higher areas. The pole saw features the power of Max lithium-ion that can cut a maximum of 500 branches that are two to three inches thick. The saw starts up instantly and features premium cell technology to give you no-fade, constant power. There are no emissions, warm-ups, cords, or gas-oil mixing to worry about.

It features a mid-mount motor design that reduces elevated weight and provides a better tool balance; it is also ergonomically engineered to be quiet, balanced, lightweight, and have a low vibration. An efficient transfer of power is produced by the pole saw's planetary gear reduction system. The Oregon 40V Max PS250-A6 Cordless Pole Saw also has a branch removal hook made of cast aluminum, an 8-inch bar, and a compact-cutting head for an increased line of sight and improved cutting agility. Between cuts, it is silent; compared to a gas saw, it's four times quieter.

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2Combines The New And Old

There are many remarkable features on the Oregon 40V Max PS250-A6 Cordless Pole Saw, including a 4-Ah battery, along with a standard charger that makes it very easy to charge this tool using any electrical outlet inside your home. It charges the same way a typical battery or camera does; there are no fancy requirements needed to use it. The battery power enables the saw to be four times quieter than the regular pole saw, which means that you can do your work early in the morning and not bother your family or neighbors.

However, it doesn't have an automatic oiling system in the same way that many other tools in this class do. This means that the owner doesn't need to feel hopeless when it comes to the care of this product. Of all the products having that feature, it has been heavily criticized since most people don't think it properly lubes their saw and has been blamed for the many malfunctions, so that is why Oregon decided to eliminate it. When you get your Oregon pole saw, make sure to oil it.

You will need to assemble your new pole saw according to the guides that are set with yellow dots; tighten a few screws well before using it. Make sure to oil your saw before making any complaints about this product. It has the feel and the look of a professional gas-powered tool, and after using it for some time, most people agree that it compares favorably with most gas-powered saws they have used.

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3What Others Are Saying

People who do these kinds of jobs are quite surprised by how much this cordless saw resembles a regular professional-grade, gas-powered saw. Unfortunately, when it comes to pole saws, heavier weight means greater power. Supposedly, it doesn't become heavier as you are extending it, but by official count, at around 13 pounds, that isn't a weight you will want to lift over your head for an extended period of time.

Losing the gasoline and cords comes at a price as well since the batteries don't last very long. You will be able to work for two hours on a single charge of the battery with this Oregon cordless pole saw, but then you probably will need to wait unless you decide to purchase and pre-charge extra batteries. Some have reported that the chain may come loose sometimes, but that isn't difficult to fix. Also, chain replacements for the model are not expensive.

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4The Final Verdict

This saw is among the most expensive electric-powered pole saws available in the market. However, the Oregon 40V Max PS250-A6 Cordless Pole Saw is attempting to compete with numerous gas-powered, professional-grade products, so, therefore, the tool is more geared towards professionals. However, the battery issue might affect professionals since they need to get a lot more hours worth of work in one day. That problem can be solved by purchasing extra batteries.

What is interesting is that the product's replacement parts, such as chains and batteries, are not too expensive. It is like purchasing two similar cars, where one, in general, has less expensive spare parts. Regarding performance, compared to gas-powered saws, it might not be quite as consistent, but it does have features that capitalize on its noise-reducing characteristics. That makes it ideal for individuals who like to do their home landscaping without bothering everyone else in the house. The tool provides decent performance and allows you to maximize your time.

Visit Amazon.com if you like to know more about its features and what makes the Oregon 40V Max PS250-A6 Cordless Pole Saw such an outstanding product. There are several options available for equipping the saw, so make sure to take your time before you order. The product can be compared with other leading products so that you can make an informed purchasing decision.

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