A 6-Section Introduction To The Greenworks Pro Cordless Pole Saw

 best pole saw review
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How To Choose The Best Electric Pole Saw

Pole saws are an excellent addition to your traditional gardening accessories. They are the right kind of tool for tree pruning as well as difficult-to-reach places. If you attempt to make a quick fix out of something while standing on your ladder and holding your chain saw, that can be deemed dangerous and hazardous.

And similar to other gardening tools in the market, there are endless options when it comes to pole saws. How can you find the appropriate one for your needs? The truth is that there is no single, universally ideal tool for every task; you need to find one that is best suited for your needs. You also need to find companies that you trust to produce quality machines.

1The Product Overview

If you want an alternative to the favorite gas-powered gardening tools, then you need to check Greenworks who manufacture electric-driven gardening tools. While this is not quite common in Europe, it has an excellent reputation in Europe. And while this could be a significant turnoff if you love gas power, try and read on.

One reason why a majority of companies mass-produce electrical powered tools at a lower price as compared to gas-powered saws and other appliances is that modern-day technology has made it cheaper for companies to produce electric-powered tools. Most countries tend to lower taxes for companies that use this approach and raise taxes for companies still emphasizing on fossil fuel use. And when it comes to electric-powered gardening tools, the Greenworks Pro Cordless Pole Saw beats all other pole saws.

 best pole saw review

2The Product Features

The cordless pole saw from Greenworks is known to have some standard features. It possesses a 10-inch chain and bar in addition to a brushless motor. This delivers a gas-equivalent cutting performance.

It also has an automatic oiler that oils the chain and bar when required to ensure optimal use and durability. The oil stored in a translucent oil tank allows a clear view of the level. It also boasts an 8-feet extension in addition to a 2-Ah battery and is coupled with a charger.

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3Merits Of A Lightweight Pole Saw

In most cases, when you are performing a landscaping job or any other project, you often like to go the tough and rough way. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case, particularly for those whose age is quickly catching up. One of the most difficult things to do is to hold up a chain saw that's attached to an 8-foot pole above your head for an extended period.

In some instances, you will be lifting the weight of the saw plus the weight of the gasoline in the fuel tank. It is a problem that you will never have to worry about if you choose to go with the 80-volt, cordless pole saw from Greenworks. This pole saw is incredibly lightweight, and it allows for easy maneuverability, particularly when you have to access tough-to-reach points. Additionally, this saw's pole has three adjustable lengths, so you will not have to work eight feet away from your desired target.

 best pole saw review

4What Others Say

A 70-year old lady who purchased this pole saw admitted that it is quite easy to assemble and easy to use, and it is lightweight. Other buyers of this machine have also confirmed that they easily cut branches that were four to six inches thick. And from all the reviews we read, this is probably the thickest any of the products from Greenworks can cut. This pole saw is well-rated regarding performance and has an average cost, which makes an excellent balanced set for the average homeowner. This pole saw also has a lovely design.

This cordless pole saw from Greenworks is also a serviceable product that can easily match the performance of other pole saws on the market. It will cut just about a similar thickness of branches that many other products can and boasts an adjustable length. Regarding price, this is arguably one of the easily affordable pole saws on the market, and you will probably not find a better product offering the same performance to price ratio.

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5The Buying Advice

While electric is not something people are always in search of, gas-powered pole saws are not always convenient either. However, it is the best starting tool for most of those who are a novice to this trade since it provides you with the feel as well as the ins and outs of perfect tree grooming. It's also ideal for particular jobs such as pruning branches or performing the occasional storm cleanups. There is indeed no reason for you to spend more than $400 for a tool that you will only use once and keep stored for months.

This product is available for purchase on Amazon for only $270, and it comes with free shipping. Amazon also lets you add 24-month and 4-year protection for an extra price. You could also visit the Greenworks site for more details about the product as well as the different products produced by this company.

6The Final Verdict

The 80-V, 10-inch, cordless pole saw from Greenworks is an excellent investment. You can visit Amazon.com. There, you can see more reviews about the product.

There's also sufficient proof that this product is reasonably priced and has high performance. You could also explore the array of products offered by Greenworks. Eventually, you'll make the right decision for your needs.

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