A 5-Part Review Of The Poulan Pro Straight Shaft Pole Saw

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 poulan pro review

Poulan Pro Straight Shaft Pole Saw

A multi-purpose tool comes in handy in various applications. You can use a tool, like a saw, to trim down large branches and trees and still use it as a leaf blower. These tools are quite efficient in their specified purpose and applications.

However, they can be quite fragile when misused. For this reason, it would be advisable to use a multifunctional tool for the right tasks and avoid abusing it, as it could break down. Some of these tools aren't serviceable.

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1The Product Overview

Most multipurpose tools come with several re-attachable heads that help switch from one feature to the other. While attaching the heads is relatively easy and straightforward, the slightest mistake can affect the tool's performance or even damage it altogether. Some tools, however, such as the Poulan Pro 967089701, beats the old by withstanding wear and tear from switching heads. It is a two-stroke, 25-cc, gas-powered straight shaft pole saw and trimmer combo.

As long as everything is done correctly, combining the heads is as easy as flipping a light switch. The Poulan Pro 967089701 is specially designed for both trimming and sawing. The tool works exceptionally well for as long it isn't misused. The Poulan Pro 967089701 can be combined with the pole, which makes it easier to use both the trimmer and the saw when working on hard-to-reach areas. No extra tools are needed to switch from the trimmer mode to saw mode.

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2Poulan Pro 967089701 Features

Switching from the trimmer to saw mode and back is relatively easy and can be done in minutes. Most gas-powered tools won't start easily if they're not used for a long time, but the Poulan Pro 967089701 tackles this issue relatively well. This has been made possible, thanks to the air purge system that's built in to help get rid of air from the fuel system and the carburetor. Starting the engine is as easy as turning on an electric saw.

The upgraded pull-start feature lets you choke, pull, and start. Anyone familiar with gas-powered tools knows the hassle of starting a pull-start system. In addition to the swift pull-start feature, the trimmer and chain saw can be used without necessarily attaching the pole. You can, therefore, work on trees and branches up close or attach the pole to trim bushes and hedges that are hard to reach.

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3Others' Views On The Poulan Pro 96708970

Poulan Pro 967089701 is one of the most beaten-down products with numerous negative reviews left by critics. There's, however, some truth with some of the reviews; for instance, the Poulan Pro's 25-cc trimmer and pole saw combo had a massive problem with the carburetor. The carburetor issue left many users disappointed, hence the numerous negative reviews on the first generation of Poulan Pro's products. This issue has since been fixed, leaving you with a flawless product.

The Poulan Pro Straight Shaft Pole Saw weighs around 14 pounds, which is quite heavy for its size. Although heavy, the tool can reach up to 14 feet at full extension, compensating for the weight. Another added benefit of this tool is that it doesn't wobble even when the pole is extended to 14 feet. This is unlike many of its competitors in the class. If looking for the ideal saw to enable you to work on trees or branches high up in the air, then this is the best pick there is.

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4Other Additional Features

Although the gas-powered Poulan Pro 967089701 Straight Shaft Pole Saw has a carburetor issue and is heavy, it is a relatively good product. As long as the motor works appropriately, more heads (aside from the standard trimmer and saw) can be attached to the Poulan Pro 967089701. If weight isn't an issue, you can then use this as the base for many other tools in your collection. The other good thing with the Poulan Pro 967089701 is that it performs very well even with the extension attached.

The Poulan Pro 967089701 comes with a tool-less couple and a detachable shaft, making it easy for transport and storage. It is also equipped with a SureFire fuel delivery system; fueling the tools is easy as well. It also doesn't have start-up problems, unlike many other two-stroke engines, and the spring-assisted starter system makes starting the engine smooth and easy. Another notable and handy feature is the auto-return stop switch, which resets to on. Equipped with the air purge system, you are less likely to encounter start-up problems since it removes air from the carburetor efficiently.

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5Reasons To Buy The Poulan Pro 967089701

There are numerous negative reviews on the Poulan Pro 967089701 online. Although a big gamble, versions of the same product that still work are exceptionally efficient. Since Poulan Pro is a consistent manufacturer, you can be assured that some of these problems or issues have been addressed over time and that you can get a pretty good one out there. Despite their customer service rating ranking among the worst, customers can get a problem-free and powerful tool for day-to-day uses. Its performance is unrivaled.

If shopping for a multipurpose tool for your garden, you can then check out the Poulan Pro's pole saw and trimmer combo and its features. You only need to keep an open mind when looking at the features the tool offers. Although previous customers may have trashed the product, it has since received updates addressing the critical issues. It would also be advisable to try a new Poulan Pro 967089701 as compared to a used one.

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