A 9-Part Review Of The Black & Decker LPP120 Pole Saw

pole saw review
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Top-Rated And Best-Selling Pole Saws

In terms of pruning trees, pole saws can be a handy tool. They are chain saws mounted on a pole. Whenever you want to purchase a tool for caring for your branches and garden, be sure that you know all of the pros and cons that are associated with the product you are considering.

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1The Product Overview

Black & Decker, since 1910, has been producing high-quality products that have revolutionized the standards and design of yard care tools and equipment. The company has become one of the leading manufacturers of a broad range of home and commercial tools and equipment. The Black & Decker LPP120 is a great tool that you can use for pruning overhead branches, and it extends out to 14 feet. A 20-volt battery powers this pole saw, and it comes with a Max lithium-ion mechanism that provides a charge that's five times longer compared to NiCd batteries.

This pole saw comes with a chain and an 8-inch cutting bar that provides an impressive 6-inch cutting diameter. The tool's performance is enhanced due to its center extension. The in-line powerhead allows for easy maneuverability and visibility between branches. It is easy to disassemble the pole, which makes it compact for easy transporting. This pole saw features a lightweight design, which makes it very convenient to use.

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2The Product Features

For many years, Black & Decker has been a well-known name and reputable manufacturer of outdoor yard care accessories. This company has been around for more than 100 years. That is why all of the products that it makes are portable, affordable, and use the top technologies for the most efficient energy consumption. There are several pruning saws on the market for both residential and commercial use.

However, this product works better than all of the rest. It has a cutting-edge battery that provides 20-volt power with better charge retention and a longer lifespan. Its extension reaches 6/12 to 10 feet in length. The overhead reach goes up to 14 feet and can cut up to 100 per charge. The product comes with a two-year limited warranty and Energy Star-qualified charges.

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3Eco-Friendly Tool

This pole saw discharges zero emissions. This is one of its highlights. This means that it is a very eco-friendly tool.

It helps to lower your carbon footprint. Many lawn and garden equipment and tools are not nearly as eco-friendly compared to this tool. This is why many users who would like to play a small role in helping the environment have chosen it.

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4Easy To Disassemble And Durable

The pole operates on lithium-ion batteries that are very robust, which results in a longer lifespan for the pole saw. In general, it lasts five times longer compared to conventional saws. This makes it easy to use.

The package contains all of the essential tools for disassembling this pole saw. That makes it a very convenient tool to transport and carry around to wherever you are working. It also makes it very easy to store this pole without a lot of difficulties.

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5It's Contemporary Design

The contemporary design of this pole saw results in a very impressive 6-lb weight. Users using the pole saw are not as likely to suffer from fatigue. Pruning and trimming branches may strain your body and muscles.

So this product's lightweight design makes it easier to use. It has sharp blades that are shaped for cutting all medium and small branches. Cutting and pruning sessions are less tiring and shorter.

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6Perfect For Overhead Branches

No additional tools are required for this pole saw other than those that come in the package. The tool is perfect for pruning tree branches overhead up to 14 feet. This tool is very versatile.

It works well for all gardeners. It comes with innovative features and is very easy to transport. It is easy to store and carry around for pruning branches anywhere because it is space-effective and has a lightweight design.

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7What Others Are Saying

Users who have purchased the product are pleased with it. It is also very convenient to use, given that it's a cordless pruning saw. Thanks to not having to worry about an electrical cord, you can enjoy hassle-free cutting and pruning.

Compared to conventional pole saws, users find it to be very durable. It is energy-efficient, easy to maintain, and durable. Unlike traditional and regular pole saws, this one offers a powerful performance due to its lithium-ion batteries. Since it doesn't rely on gas, you won't have to worry about running out. If you are sick and tired of useless conventional trimmers and pole saws, then this tool is for you.

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8Advice On Buying

On Amazon, this pole saw has an excellent rating. A majority of users have provided positive testimonials and feedback on the product. So if you would like to take care of high branches, use something that will quickly cut and prune.

That is what this pole saw does. It can be purchased for around $120. You can also get free shipping from Amazon.

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9The Final Verdict

This amazing pruning saw runs on 20-volt, lithium-ion batteries for several hours to deliver a very powerful performance; the continuous operations don't slow this machine down, no matter how high the shrubs and branches are. A single battery charge is sufficient for rendering up to 100 cuts. There is a shaft available for this pruning saw to provide a 10-feet total length. The entire pruning experience is redefined by this pole saw, and it helps to protect the environment by offering zero emissions. Its 8-inch cutting bar has been designed for cutting thick branches with up to a 6-inch diameter.

It is a very helpful tool to purchase, given that it has been designed to provide maximum performance during a shorter cutting and pruning session. It features an in-line powerhead and innovative and lightweight design, making it easy to carry. Customers give this product a good review, and it is rated highly. A two-year limited warranty comes with the product, making it a very reliable purchase. This pole saw is recommended for anybody wanting an eco-friendly and energy-efficient tool.

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