An 8-Part Debate On The Electric Pole Saw Vs. Gas Pole Saw

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 electric vs gas pole saw

Electric Pole Saw Versus Gas Pole Saw

A pole saw is perhaps one of the most useful tools that a person can utilize in the garden; however, there is quite the controversy over which brand of pole saw is the best brand. Then, there is the electric pole saw versus the gas pole saw, a debate that many gardening enthusiasts argue over. Both sides clearly state that theirs is the better value and the best option for pole saws.

Of course, both gas and electric pole saws have their own sets of pros and cons. We've made it easy by evaluating both for you. Here, you can learn which one may be the best option for your specific gardening needs when it comes to a pole saw.

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1Gas-Powered Pole Saw

Just as the name suggests, this pole saw is gas-powered, and it works just like other gas-powered tools. Many prefer the type of power that a gas-powered tool has to offer. Traditionally, every pole saw on the market was designed to be powered as a gas pole saw.

Many people won't use a power tool if it isn't a gas-powered power tool, thanks to the sheer amount of power that they offer. Of course, there are a few downsides when you compare a gas-powered pole saw to an electric. It may also depend on a person's personal preference.

2Electrical Pole Saw

Electrical pole saws aren't gas-powered. They are electric-powered. They are connected to a power source at all times while they are being used.

Such devices will require an extension cord that will allow them to move about safely from one area to another. They're relatively quiet to use and have a lightweight design. Of course, just like the gas saw, some things will be good, but some won't be, so you're going to have to consider the pros and cons before you determine which one is the best option for your needs.

3Which Is More Energy Efficient?

It's important to consider that a gas-powered pole saw may be damaging to the environment. Just like other gas-powered tools, for example, a leaf blower, many pollutants may be expelled into the environment. If you're seeking a green lifestyle that doesn't impact the environment, electric may be your better option.

However, you can also go for a battery-powered pole saw. You will save even more energy. It will also help you to be greener.

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4Which Option Is More Cost Efficient?

When considering electric versus gas, you will likely pay more for the electric pole saw over the gas pole saw. However, you must factor in the fact that you're going to have to purchase fuel for the gas saw, but you don't have to buy fuel for the electric saw. You'll also have more repairs to be done as well as maintenance.

Consider the warranty, too. Is there a warranty on both options. Which has the better warranty?

5Which Has More Power?

There's no way to deny that the gas-powered pole saw has far more power; however, not everyone has large trees to cut down, which require a heavy-duty pole saw. Of course, a gas-powered saw may sound like a great deal due to its power. However, this can make them even tougher to handle.

Anyone who has had experience with such tools will find that they have a lot to offer and that the electric saw doesn't perform the same as the gas-powered models. Gas pole saws are clearly heavier. However, manufacturers have taken great care to ensure that the weight is evenly distributed.

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6Which Ones Are Easier?

Are you seeking for a lightweight pole saw that doesn't require a lot of maintenance? You'll likely prefer the electric pole saw. These are pretty quiet.

There isn't as much vibration. You aren't going to have to oil it. You also won't need to do any maintenance in between uses.

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7Which Model Has More Flexibility?

If you're trying to see how many of your trees you can cut down or if you have to bring your pole saw from one location to another, you'll want a gas pole saw. With no cords, this will make it more portable. And you can use it where there isn't any electricity.

Of course, you'll have to have plenty of gas on hand to use. You also need to be sure that you're doing the proper maintenance to your pole saw. This will keep it in top working condition.

8The Final Verdict

Before you buy any type of power tool, especially one like this, you'll want to consider all of the ways you're going to be using it, the circumstances in which you'll be using it, and what sort of power options you're going to have on hand at that time. If you prefer low noise and don't need to take your pole saw to a different place, an electric pole saw will be the best route for you. If you need more power or need to take your pole saw to different locations, and you have the money to invest in a quality saw that is more powerful, then you'll want a gas-powered pole saw.

Choosing the right tool for any project will always make the chore easier; it won't be a hindrance or a hassle if you have the right tools on hand. Take a look at what you plan to be cutting and consider what style will be best suited for your specific needs. Pole saws can be very helpful as long as you have the right kind for the task at hand; regardless if it's electric or gas, you'll want to plan ahead and make sure that you have considered all of your options.

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