A 6-Part Review Of The Doeworks Multi-Angle 2-In-1 Pole Saw

Teresa Jefferson By Teresa Jefferson | Author

Doeworks 2-In-1 Multi-Angle Pole Saw

Are there lots of shrubs, trees, and bushes around your property that you don't know how to trim? Attempting to provide a little haircut to your bushes using scissors would be kind of a hassle. If you would like to have clean-cut looking trees and bushes, you need to have a tool that will get the job done easily and quickly. If it can also be used for trimming tall trees, then that's pretty special since you won't need to climb up on a ladder.

1Selecting Your Pole Saw

Many different options are available. Unfortunately, there is no way you can try all of them to make an informed decision. What you can do is start to eliminate categories of things that you don't like or things that you do like.

Electric versus gas-powered is the most basic of all categories. Many people prefer powerful, big tools with great levels of performance over extended periods. Unfortunately, these days, many tools fitting that description run on fuel still. When you choose an electric one, you usually have to sacrifice some performance. However, it isn't necessary to have lots of power on a hedge trimmer since you won't be cutting anything heavy-duty like big logs.

2The Product Test

This corded, 4-amp, multi-angle, telescopic, 2-in-1 hedge trimmer by Doeworks is a great option to meet all of your trimming needs. This tool is easy to use, comes with the right amount of power for a majority of trimming tasks, and has numerous features that are rarely found on a majority of other pole saws. At first, its 18-inch dual-action blades may seem complicated, but they respond very well and will trim anything you want fairly quickly. Although it is an electric hedge trimmer, it stands up with the best in terms of performance. It is also able to extend up to nine feet in the air to reach some of the tallest trees that can be found in the suburbs.

Its great news for everyone to not have to climb up on a ladder any longer. When it is extended, it doesn't lose any power. On the bottom is an excellent grip that enables you to move the tool into all different kinds of angles; it is a very comfortable feature, but the tool is a bit on the heavy side of things. A brace comes with it that you can attach to yourself while you are working to help you distribute the weight and your grip. Be sure to use this to avoid injuries since it isn't necessary for you to be a hero.

3Notable Product Features

This corded, 4-amp pole hedge trimmer by Doeworks comes with an aluminum 2-in-1 telescopic pole and 18-inch dual-action blades. The rotating rear handle has a soft rubber grip. This makes it very easy for you to trim from various angles.

The hedge trimmer also has a very convenient cord lock that prevents you from accidentally unplugging it. It can be extended to a maximum of nine feet for long-reach cutting. There is a two-year warranty that comes with the tool.

4Taking On The Weight Issue

The only knock that some people have who have used this tool is the weight issue, particularly when the pole has been extended out to its maximum reach. Some people have stated it is harder for a shorter individual to maneuver its weight around. So if you are a short individual with short arms and not fit, then you might have a hard time moving and gripping the trimmer when it is fully extended. The negative reviews were not all about its weight but how the product was packaged as well.

5What Others Are Saying

The corded, 4-amp, multi-angle, 2-in-1 pole hedge trimmer by Doeworks is impressive. It is rare to see a landscaping tool at this low of a price and strong level of performance. What makes it stand apart from the rest is its ability to cut at so many different angles.

The trimmer can also be detached from its pole to get closer cuts or cut bushes and trees that are at an arm's length away; this can help with the weight problem. The product's weight is a potential downside, but note that many lightweight pole trimmers extending to long lengths aren't reliable when trimming at a distance since the pole will become wobbly. The added weight on this hedge trimmer does assure you that this pole will remain firm and provide you with the same precision when you are trimming from a distance.

6The Purchasing Guide

For anyone who is considering purchasing tools online for the very first time or isn't sure how the shopping process works, you should always purchase this kind of equipment from highly trustworthy sellers only. Numerous sellers are offering better pricing, but the difference is only a few dollars, and the risk may increase when you buy a used product or if the store isn't experienced in packaging things correctly. Purchasing from unknown sellers can also result in you getting a damaged product that doesn't work correctly. Many products are trashed online by people who say that they had packaging problems. However, the manufacturer doesn't have 100% control over that.

For more information on this corded, 4-amp, multi-angle, 2-in-1 pole hedge trimmer by Doeworks, visit Amazon. You will be able to read views from actual users of the product and be able to compare it with other products as well. Many different accessories are also available that goes with the product, like batteries and oil, along with part parts for the pole, as well as other numerous landscaping products.