A 5-Part Review Of The TrimmerPlus PS720 Pole Saw

 trimmer plus pole saw
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How To Choose The Best Pole Saw For You

Your tools, over the years, might have aged and received lots of wear and tear due to its use. You might have forgotten the amount of money that each of your tools cost since it's been so long since you purchased them. The more landscape work you do on your property, the more you will start to shell out money.

Spending $100 per year on chain saws or lawnmowers isn't such a big deal. Now, however, you need to spend at least $500. Therefore, there are some things that you need to consider.

 trimmer plus pole saw

1The Product Overview

There are TrimmerPlus products for you to consider. They are an entire toolbox you can combine into one. There is one motor that has interchangeable heads, which makes it possible for you to prune, cut, saw, as well as everything in between. The TrimmerPlus PS720 Pole Saw is one product that you can consider. The automatic oiling feature is one of the major concerns that come with a pole saw ownership; they each have their way of keeping them lubricated.

It might appear to be a cheap product like the ones you see in infomercials where they claim to be the next Swiss Army knife. However, when you get one, they don't work correctly or break very easily. One thing that might make you want to consider it is the fact that it can attach to your favorite gas-powered motor. Half the battle will be won if you purchase a compatible, powerful motored tool.

 trimmer plus pole saw

2Multiple High-Quality Tools

Not only does the TrimmerPlus PS720 Pole Saw offers a single device so you can stack up tools, but it also allows you to choose the perfect fit. It perfectly connects to the attachment-capable trimmers, including Craftsman, Remington, Troy-Bilt, and many more. You can take it with you to the store and then measure the trimmers to see which one fits the best. A favorite is the gas-powered one, but if you want to go green, then you might want to choose an electric motor instead.

It is a total hybrid in all ways. It has a chain and an eight-inch bar, along with auto oiler, so you can be sure that it can easily saw through branches. The pole extends out to seven feet in length, which means that you will be able to reach overhead to 12 feet, depending on what your height is. It isn't necessary for you to purchase a ladder to use for landscaping purposes anymore.

It is also a very lightweight product. The saw and extension weigh just 3.4 pounds when it is assembled together. This means that, if you combine it with a light trimmer, you will be able to prune even high and tough branches effortlessly. There are two extension sections that enable you to choose two different height options. A two-year warranty also comes with the product.

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3What Users Are Saying

On most sites, the TrimmerPlus PS720 has an excellent rating. It is rated at Amazon at 4.3 out of five stars, and in its class, it's the top-selling product. Even if you aren't this tool's biggest fan, you have to admit that they are doing things right.

However, there are a few detractors and doubters that have some things to say about it. A few customers said that its chain easily comes off and that its oiling process doesn't work correctly. Those people who are familiar with these kinds of products or have used one for a while will probably agree with this.

pole saw review

4Tips For Using It The First Time

If anything goes wrong during the first 30 minutes that you use it, there are just two potential reasons. The first one is that the product is flat-out garbage; if that is the case, it would be strange since this would mean that its manufacturer would have needed to pay many people to claim that it was good. The second possible reason is that you took it right out of its box and were so eager to start playing with it that you didn't bother to read your manual and learn how to use it properly! Many negative reviews do sound like the second reason. Whenever this type of product has an automatic oil system, there are always plenty of angry customers who claim this feature doesn't work right.

It is challenging to send well-oiled products and parts through the mail. Quite often, the pars and, in particular, those interchangeable ones, like the pole saw in this case, lack the right level of oil to function properly. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to provide this kind of warning, but usually, they don't do that. So don't just take it out of the box and begin playing with it. Be sure that everything works correctly.

If you start it and mess the chain up due to the lack of oil, you might not be granted the two-year warranty by the manufacturer due to incorrect use. Numerous people who used it correctly are thrilled with the product's quality. This is mainly due to them being able to attach it to whatever tool is most comfortable for them.

5The Final Verdict

This TrimmerPlus PS720 Pole Saw is able to get the job done as well as a regular pole saw that is within the same price range. The versatility of this tool is its biggest asset, and the fact that you are able to attach whatever universal head you want to its shaft makes this is an excellent buy over the long term. You can have this pole, then purchase any attachment you want from major brands, such as Craftsman, Remington, and Troy-Bilt, and add a new trimmer or saw to the pole set whenever you want to.

It also depends on how heavy duty your needs are. If you want to upgrade from a basic tool, then this might be an excellent option for you! If you would like to get more information on the TrimmerPlus PS720 Pole Saw, along with all of the different TrimmerPlus tools that can be incorporated as part of your toolkit, then you should definitely visit Amazon. You will be able to view real photos of this product and read numerous user reviews to decide whether or not this toolset will meet your needs.

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